We can quickly identify if your land is suitable for a wind, solar or battery storage development. We have devised a simple way for you to provide a plan to us, from there we can use this to assess the potential for development.

Step 1: Read Instructions

You will first search for your boundary by typing in your postcode. This will present you with a map of the area.

Once you have completed your boundary, you can click 'Add Another' to submit more boundaries or click 'Finished'. Click by click instructions will appear on the right-hand side of screen while you are mapping your area.

Step 2: Enter your postcode

Search for your land by entering your postcode below.

Step 3: Draw your boundaries on the map

Tips and hints

To get started, click on your first point of your boundary and release the mouse button.


Max fields: 10  

New postcode search

Once you have finished tracing your boundaries, click 'Finished'.

Step 4: Fill in your details

No information you provide will be passed onto third parties. It will be kept for the purpose of assessing your submission and making contact with you to discuss it further. We may contact you from time to time about other projects. If you do not wish be included in these emails, please state in the box above.